Friday, November 11, 2016

Deja A-HA moments .... JM Gallery by Jeannette Marshall #bestofeverything

You may want to remember this week's dates for multiple reasons.  If you're a Millennial, this may just become DEJA-aha Moments.  You will tuck this pocket of historical moments, to be easily pulled forward in increments of decades -- 10 years from now, then 20, and so on.

In that envelope of moments, take into account what reaction you have, or what thoughts pop out when you hear someone "older" (those disrespectful types would say "old people" to anyone 10 years older than themselves.  Take and form your own time capsule.  What has caught your attention this week, by the most relevant to your individualism?  Then print off and cut out either images or articles that speak in your own language.    

Pull it out on key, defining moments in your life, as determined by you according to the level of importance to your own perspective, believe, point of view.  Perhaps on your graduation night after completing High School, part of your marriage toasts at your wedding.  To pass on to your first born, share with your family at some other event, a wedding anniversary celebration.  These are key times in your life when you will be more reflective.

Check points of life in a way.  Like events that occur, you can instantly recall when, where you were, and who you were with when you first saw the planes crash into the Twin Towers on 9-11.  It happens.  Some more than others.  Perhaps it is the creative types that are more reflective with history.  

This week had several significant events that one could say impacted the world.

TRUMPED up fear mongering is widespread.  Even in Canada, our radio talk shows are rehash, re-evaluating the events as they unfolded to what sports fan would call a "major upset" or "Cinderella story" ::.... The triumph of Donald J. Trump was very humble.  His acceptance speech gave me insight to how he does it::... he has the WHOM he shares his true self to:  his family.  That, in my opinion, should be how Americans get a better sense of who the man REALLY is behind the hype, media antics, oh dears and oh mys.  I am going to blog about in my aCommentary blog and then as a leadership example on optioneerjm both of Blogspot by +Google empire.


CANADA rocks again.  Even as the world is being held captive, some of the best side stories on the US Election results was how important Canada truly is to the US.  How Canada is reflected in the world is unique.  I remember living in Germany and travelling around Europe as a tween, how welcoming and receptive  people were when we said we were Canadian.  Humble and low key with a great edge for wit and humor a great credential we can take credit for (especially if you look at some of the greatest entertainers and artists were born here on this soil, Ted Cruz aside).  Between the Tweets by @Mashable that Canada's immigration website crashed upon election results in the United States:  brilliantly timed and very witty and social media super stardom material -- I must try to find out who actually came up with the idea? #Mashable   Even some of the best humor was captured in the celebratory moment we took as proud Canadians.

Do you remember the first time you heard “Hallelujah?” Was it in Shrek? Maybe on a reality-singing competition show? Maybe you just heard it from a street musician somewhere and thought, “That’s a really nice song.”  READ MORE... 

Shawn Mendes broke Justin Bieber's winning streak.

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