Sunday, October 23, 2016

People who "FACEus" are #imagineer'ing on @Twitter @Pinterest and +Google

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I have a collection of images that are organized on Pinterest based on themes.  One of my favorites, and agreed to by many based on their robust follow, is my "faceUS" board on Pinterest.

It is always hard to make up one's mind on which ones are the best.  There are so many superb images to choose from.  I'll try my best to share those that also have a link to the photographer/creator.

On JMgallery, I will try my best to showcase talent from around the globe -- all ready to be snapped up for sharing.    I will do what I can to showcase the talent behind the image, with a website link or profile somewhere to credit the artist appropriately and well deserved.

I choose images that are examples of exceptional photography capturing expressions of every day people.  

Try including images to any/all of your posts, whether on Twitter or Facebook, it will attract more views that way.  Even if you are commenting on a Facebook post, or thanking someone for mentioning you, be sure to include an image that you think underscores the message.

I found this on Pinterest without artist credit
 (not shown)
 saved to 9,300 boards on Pinterest.


Gerald Gibbon 
SOURCE:  Pinterest
saved to 35,200 boards on Pinterest
saved to 34,700 boards on Pinterest
E.Shiem ?
(can claim and provide link for credit)

photographer unknown
(can be claimed for LINK and credit)

Saved to 11,300 boards on Pinterest

saved to 12,300 boards on PINTEREST

There you have it.  That's it for today.  Goodness me, I can lose hours upon hours just gazing at awesome photography, art and imagery.  

If you know any of the photography or photographers, let them know.  I would really really LIKE to give credit where credit is due.

I am going to continue to wander around the web and social media to scout for the best photos.  There is 500px, Flicker, and so many other photography sharing sites.  

If your photograph ends up on this site and you don't want it to be there, just ask me to remove it.  Just so you know, I will be replacing with a box and the words "removed at the request of owner" shown.  

All good intentions are not paved with gold.  Nor silver, nor bronze.  More often, it is paved with dust, mud, grime, sweat, tears.  

I didn't create this blog to infringe on creative liberties or those trying to make a living, trespassing on any copyright laws, trademarks, logos or brands.  Think of this as a visual box of creativity that I want to share with the world.

Do I have the most sensitive, creative eye for talent and the unique? Probably and most definitely not.  What I am guilty of is a deep rooted, passionate appreciation for art.

When the photographic technical aptitude meets with the most artistic, creative eye ... only the most splendid journey or path evolves.  

Awe-inspiring talent abounds on social media and the web.  Under-valued while at the same time OVER-appreciated.  Which equates to not generating the appropriate credit and compensation that should be due these creative imagineer'ng geniuses.  

I've just created this HASHTAG:  #imagineer'ing if you want to share art and imagery to the max whereby rewards of appreciation is simply demonstrated by retweeting ( #RT #rt ) or sharing everywhere.

If you want me to know that you have, just fire off a tweet to @optioneerJM so I know and can make sure I follow you back.  A crowd will likely form under the hashtag #imagineer'ing 

If you think you've found a secret, powerful imaginative way to communicate visually, let me know.  Heck, I'm just about everywhere as @optioneerJM or +optioneerJM (Google does a great job of allowing people to find me as my pseudonym keeps rising.  Because of popularity?  Heck no.  I know I'm stealing from "the optioneerJM" blog, but sounding like Donald Trump:  my pseudonym has been around since 2010 and I'm talking everywhere.  I was unsure about social media and any association to me from a career perspective, I thought it best to use a pseudonym rather than my personal name.  I'd already remarried so the initials were the same.  

To protect my kids, I never reference my name I used to share with them.  Their last names.  I owe them the protection of their identity.  They are adults and adults create their privacy in their own unique way.  Where some people:

  • share everything about themselves in person and online, with little boundaries.  They are not defined as RISK takers.  They are just who they are.
  • reserved and private about themselves everywhere.  You almost need proof that they do have a spouse, children that you appear to have.  But that's about it folks.
  • considered friendly in person, if keeping career and home lives divided.
  • socially gregarious by nature and expressed by social media.
  • stifled and inexpressive,  you create things or like to look at things that are really awe-inspiring
  • appreciates the world from its distinct and unique perspectives.  Understanding, empathetic and caring about the plight of others.  Not always having the means to do it.  Whether financially, timely, or simply stepping outside the comfort zone.
  • uses Medicinal Marijuana to fight the pain.  (boy, I couldn't spell that, so it must mean I don't use it)  The pain of aging, sports injury or health decline.
Some who may know me slightly better than others, may recognize a lot or all of me in those characteristics listed above.  Some may be natural tendencies and instincts left to be discovered.

Others could be curiosity and thirst for knowledge that drives my imagination except when I'm doing what I am suppose to be doing, not distracted, disciplined with the task at hand, completed efficiently and competently so as to be able to return to what I enjoy:  searching for knowledge to bridge my own understanding (whether it be technology, philosophy, education, causes, cultural diversity).

I guess blogging really becomes an outlet of passion, compassion and conscious thoughts.  Perhaps, that is why I have so many diverse ones:  a businessY one, a life one, a musings one, an amusings one and a quest for understanding demographics one.  

I'm going to create a MATCH game and return.  To see if you can play along and WIN.  You're already a winner by being here.  Not because of me.  But because you like anything with "gallery" before or after it.  Refined artistically and reaching imaginatively.   Striving to find your path which makes you the happiness in practicing #mindfulness ....:: following me along on my own journey.

Maybe that's why I have so many blogs eh?  I have to be aware of what is happening now.  Let go of what happened yesterday, because you can't rewind it and replay it.  It is done.  Today you can review what you have learned from all life experiences to bring you to this moment.  

Patience abounds.  How else can you not fast forward and jump into senseless anxieties about tomorrow because there is so much "now" happening how can you speed through to tomorrow.  You haven't finished with today yet.  This moment has not past, or passed, or replayed.  It is live.

A lot of times when people hear me on the phone, they say that I sound "energetic" today.  I'm sorry that the world has gotten to the point that they sound how they feel:  washed up, washed out, and self-defeating.

Well, back to the purpose of this JMgallery blog:  to share, uplift, inspire, help, assist, motivate, celebrate all the good things there are at the present time.  

In fact, you can create your own time stamp.  It can be a combination of writing, or journal ling (huh, no such real english word for "journaling" which I got the red underscore for misspelling.    I hand it over to my friends at Google, who has a riches source of information (which means oodles of data), who provide me with the proper spelling when I right-click.  Which is how that spelling was confirmed.  I like how they also give you the option to "Google" to search the entire web for assistance and pursuit.  I rarely go that far.  Maybe I should eh?

Well, I went on and on a bit longer.  I apologize.  Thank you if you are still here.  BIG THANK YOU.  If you are inspired to Subscribe:  bless you.  

If you want me to take a look at something to be featured here, you can comment here or reach out to me in the rest of the stratosphere.  Just remember, you are looking for @optioneerJM or optioneerJM and our friends at Google are pretty efficient at landing you with me.

Jeannette Marshall

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